Divider Walls: Doors


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Barn walls, divider walls, rear windows, options to view. Custom made to meet your design, or we can work direct with your designer to match your design and size. Standard sizes: 12’ 1” w x 8’ tall, 16’ 3” wide x 8’ tall. Options: call for quote on other sizes.


Wire mesh top and bottom rear or divider wall: powder coated, 1×1 mesh bottom, 2×2 mesh on top. Wood or plastic lumber inserts


Malibu design: 4’ solid bottom with two or more top rails.
12’, 14’, 16’ walls size


Made to fit swing out dutch doors. 48” wide by 8’ tall. We offer other sizes to fit your barn


Rear walls with two vertical yoke inserts with slide shutters against extreme weather


Door insert to back wall, 2×2 top mesh, 1×1” top mesh. Yoke finish, wood or plastic lumber inserts. All Steel construction. Made in USA


Rear or divider walls for barns. All steel construction: 1×1” bottom mesh, wrought iron vertical tube top, bottom steel 12” kicker. Plate, Patina rustic finish


4’x8’ full open door with vertical barn insert all steel galvanized frame with embossed inserts


Swing out dutch door, all steel construction, colored exterior finish. With galvalume interior finish, keeping the horses from eating the wood core


Malibu wall design, 4’ bottom with uncoated steel finish, four horizontal top rails, can be used for divider panels or stall fronts