Raised Center Aisle Barns

4 stall Raised center aisle breezeway barn, 3:12 pitch roof with one open hay bay shows turnout pipe panels 5’ x 4 rails.

RCA breezeway barn, one open hay bay.

RCA 12’ x 12’ stalls 16’ raised center aisle, with side porch, evaporator cooler helping with summer heat.

RCA 12’ x 12’ stalls, with side porch.

RCA living quarters above the breezeway horse barn 10 stall horse barn, two wash / groom bays, larger tack room, 12’ x 36’ living quarters above breezeway. With exterior stairs/porch.

RCA 12’ x 36’ living quarters above the breezeway 10 stall, two wash/groom bays, tack room, exterior stairs/porch.

Horse barn design in a T shape aisle, showing rear porch viewing arena.

T shape aisle, rear porch viewing arena.

Raised Center Asile

Raised Center Asile Barn

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